Display Audience Targeting

We provide an AdTech platform for the open web, serving ads where people spend 66% of their time. With our Fixed CPC solution, you can save up to 50% on keywords, compared to Google Ads. Our cookieless tracking solution tracks campaign-level engagement tied explicitly to a keyword’s intent, only using client-side, first party data. 

Data Acquisition – We acquire unstructured data that consists of: 

  • Intent keywords
  • Industry specific
  • Purchase relevant
  • Machine ID level

Proprietary Keyword Algorithm – We take unstructured data to assign the highest probability keywords:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scores intent of buyers 
  • PII/Machine ID to Matchback ID

ReverseAds Network – High intent buyers will see your ads on top websites, across their buyer journey:

  • Matchback ID
  • 190 Countries
  • 100+ Ad Networks
  • 50+ DSP’s

Our Products:

  • Reverse Search – Delivering multiple opportunities to convert a buyer at every stage along their path to purchase
  • Reverse Competitive – Convert your competitors’ traffic before they do.
  • Reverse B2B – Access the exact decision makers buying your products and services.
  • Reverse Social – Reach users everywhere they go after their initial search or engagement on social media
  • Reverse Industry – Reclaim your traffic from aggregators in your market and increase your direct sales.

Advertise where your consumers are

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