General Terms and Conditions for Publisher Booking with iCumulus

These terms and conditions (General Terms) together with the iCumulus Terms of Business constitute an agreement (Agreement) between iCumulus (iC) and Publisher. The Publisher Booking Form attached to these General Terms is subject to the General Terms below and the Terms of Business:

  1. Signing this document confirms that the Publisher agrees to conduct the campaign according to the dates and placements as stated above, unless a written cancellation notice is given by iCumulus up to 24 hours prior to the campaign going ‘live’.
  2. Performance by the Publisher may result in iC optimising the campaign to stronger performance placements. The Publisher acknowledges that this may also affect the overall delivery of the campaign.
  3. If specific creative specifications are required by the Publisher, they must be provided to iC immediately upon iC’s’ receipt of the Booking Form.
  4. The Publisher agrees that if it wishes to reject any creatives, then it must do so within 24 hours of the Publisher’s receipt of the creatives.
  5. The Publisher may cancel the campaign should the creative conflict with an advertiser prohibited list.
  6. Where applicable, the Publisher acknowledges that tracking tags may have to be implemented by the Publisher within 24 hours of iC’s receipt of this Booking Form.
  7. The above cost amounts are indicative only and cannot be guaranteed as the final payment amount, as the majority of booking is based on delivery (performance).
  8. The Publisher must send a valid tax invoice for payment plus GST to iC after the campaign is completed, based on the delivery of the campaign by the Publisher and in accordance with clause 9 (“Pricing”) of the Terms of Business.
  9. Payment to Publisher will be made within 5 to 8 working days upon the receipt of agency/direct client payment to iC.
  10. The Publisher may not cancel this booking unless prior notice is received by iC up at least 30 days prior to the start date.
  11. No further charges may be applied to iC or the client once the Booking Form has been accepted.
  12. Where iC has a Service Agreement with the client, the Publisher acknowledges and agrees that further terms will apply to the campaign in addition to the General Terms and Terms of 13. Client
  13. By Accepting this booking the Publisher agrees they are not in current communication with the advertiser in relation to email or lead generation campaigns
  14. Publisher agrees not to contact any iC client or advertiser directly without the written consent of iC for the duration of 1 month after the conclusion of the campaign as defined on the Publisher Booking Form.
  15. Publisher agrees not to discuss commercial terms agreed with iC on behalf of their clients to any external source without the written approval of iC