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Lead generation

For anyone new or inexperienced in the opportunity to generate leads online, we have developed a list of common questions we receive when we ourselves are working with prospects:

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What is online lead generation?
Online lead generation is a customer acquisition approach where marketers utilise online media to communicate with customers and prospects. In short, we work with clients to capture the contact data of consumers who grant a consent to receive future communications via an advertisement on third party websites, an email or SMS etc.
How does online lead generation improve acquisition marketing?
Online lead generation is considered to be an effective way to feed prospects into sales pipeline among acquisition marketing methods thanks to its measurable results and controllable cost.

The advantage of leads that we are acquired is primarily the recency and the quality of the data. In addition, pre-qualification and targeting certainly enhance the responsiveness of the prospects hence, the online lead generation can deliver higher conversion rate than offline method.

Where do these leads go once they are generated?
Once a prospect hits the button to agree to receive more information (opt-in), their contact data will be captured via API’s, processed for data checks and validation then passed into our Lead Management platform; Atmosphere LM, which is designed to simplify the entire data collection and management process platform where our clients can immediately access and receive the update information real-time.
What are the pricing models iCumulus refer to for online lead generation?
This maybe the best part of using online acquisition marketing – clients only pay when leads are generated and on a number of leads basis. Pricing is generally set by the publishers and varied across placements, data quality and verticals. For example a lead from the finance vertical may cost $20 given the contact information about name, email, phone number and postcode.
Although it is one of the complexities of the business, don’t worry we handle this for you and keep you fully informed.
What are some of the methodologies of generating online leads?
The most common forms of lead generation are:

  • Co registration
  • Question sponsorship
  • Offer paths
  • Post Transactional paths
  • Email
  • Exit paths
  • Mobile sites
  • In app (mobile)
What are some of the main reasons clients are using online leads?
There is a wide range of online leads use throughout sales funnel from customer/ member acquisition campaigns to CRM campaigns:

  • Outbound calling
  • Lead nurturing program
  • Marketing database building
  • Driving applications or online subscription via clients websites
How do online leads differ to leads generated offline (more traditional methods)?
The medium of communications distinguishes online leads from offline ones. Online leads are far more advantageous as they are:

  • Responsive – People spend more time online and they check emails everyday. Online leads are willing to opt-in to receive future communications if they find it relevant to them.
  • Targeted – Leads can specify their preferred communication channel, frequency and type of content they would like to receive. You don’t have to worry about overly contact them as long as your message is relevant.
  • Purposefully opt-in – Leads opt-in for certain campaigns for a reason. As they grant a permission to you to contact them, you should communicate with them as you promise.
When it comes to data quality how to iCumulus ensure clients are receiving the best quality data?
We are checking all the contact data as it comes in (automatically of course). Syntax errors are just the start then mobile numbers are checked against a database to ensure they are active whereby email address and checked to ensure they are valid and deliverable. We give a 98% deliverability guarantee on calls to mobiles and email sent.
Why is permission so important?
In today’s online world there are many legislations that protect the consumer – particularly when it comes to direct contact to consumers. There is a basic rule; it is hard to go wrong when you have the consumers permission.
Is there a way to stay across the terminology for lead generation?
As it tends to get confusing, we have created a Glossary of key terms here please let us know if you have any other terms we have not covered and we will update the glossary accordingly.


Email Marketing

For anyone new or inexperienced in the opportunity to using email marketing for lead generation purpose, we have developed a list of common questions we receive when we ourselves are working with prospects:

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What are the benefits of using email as main points?
  • Highly targeted: messages are under sender’s control i.e. senders can choose contact frequency, what day in the week and what time in the day to send messages.
  • Permissioned: the communications are anticipated by the recipient as they grant a permission to the sender to send email messages to them.
  • Personal: senders can segment the target recipient using demo-geo data, interest and behaviour to ensure messages are relevant and customised.
  • Impactful: as emails are receptive and anticipated, messages influence recipients to respond to the message by seeking further information or taking up special offers etc.
  • Timely: senders can assess when is the best time to deliver the email, which is crucial as it affects open rate.
  • Social: senders can include social components in an email to make the message sharable or to direct the recipients to take certain actions.
  • Responsive: call to actions in emails allow recipients to respond to deals and offers they are interested in swiftly while senders are able to see campaign performance real time.
  • Cost effective: email marketing is one of the techniques that the cost per lead is relatively low yet brings in effective results thanks to its relevancy and specification.
What is permission based marketing?
Permission based marketing is marketing communications that are sent to recipients who have given a permission to senders. The advantage of permissioned based marketing is that the sender earns the privilege to send communications to recipients hence, the messages are anticipated, personal and relevant.
What is a 3rd party email list?
It’s a contact data list of recipients who subscribe to receive communications via email channel from third party publishers. These publishers send an email to their own subscriber list on behalf of advertisers.
When considering running a campaign to a 3rd party list, how do you ensure protection from the Spam Act?
We ask each of our publisher to warrant that any email campaign we comply to the Spam Act (2003), we also visually check each publisher as part of our due diligence process.
What are the main benefits of using email marketing for lead generation purposes?
Email provides the ability to target prospects through their profile information developed through the registration of member databases. This targeting enables advertisers to send their offer directly to prospects and it is only one click away from becoming a customer. Email campaigns are significantly more responsive when compared to display advertising.
What are the main benefits of utilising third party email lists?
The benefits of using email marketing is that you can grow your fast and the message are receptive to recipients who subscribe for. Hence, you will be able to build relationship and sell the products and services to those who are interested in it.
What are the recommended use of email for lead generation?
Email is the fastest way for companies to engage with a prospect (lead). As we are collecting details of prospects who have recently seen the ad and consented to receive more information, our systems can send a trigger email immediately. This email notifies the prospect that they will receive a call soon and ,in the meantime, may want to click through the the website for more information or request a quote. We can also score these prospects on how they interact with the email i.e. open/ click.
What are the pricing models that iCumulus refers to for email marketing service?
Most publishers offer campaigns on a per record or CPM basis, due to the high level of targeting and responses to campaigns. Some publishers back this up offering CPC campaigns.
Is there a best practice or guideline to refer to the email marketing solution?
Yes of course we have developed a number of white papers covering this topic



Do you have a minimum spend for a lead gen campaign?
Yes each campaign has a $5K minimum
Do you offer B2C or B2B campaigns/ targeting?
Yes both!
How are the leads collected?
Our leads are collected through online methodology only. Check out our Glossary of Lead Generation terms for some of the many methodologies available to you as clients
Is the data Spam compliant?
100% of our data is Spam Act 2003 compliant. We perform due diligence on each of our suppliers before we engage them
What contact fields are available?
At a minimum we can capture email address only. In fact name and email are our only mandatory fields. We also work with clients who are looking for phone and address fields, so are 3 key fields are:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Mailing address