Intent Data Marketing

What is intent data Marketing?

Intent Data Marketing is a type of Sales intelligence. It allows the user to see when accounts are actively researching a particular topic on third party sites. This data is compared to historical searches from the account and compared to current searching. When research on a particular topic is higher than usual, the account spikes on those topics, indicating a spike in the level of intent on the topic.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Intent data allows you to prioritize accounts that are showing active interest in your offerings.
  • Shorten Sales Cycles
    Skip the long sales process by identifying high interest buyers. Remove the guesswork typically. Associated with intent data and pinpoint the exact right contact.
  • Higher Pipeline conversion rates
    Tailor your reachout methods with direct insights. Gain the context you need to understand exactly what prospects are interested in before you reach out.

Our Solutions

Case Study

“With intent, we’re identifying the companies and contacts most ready to buy, warming those leads, qualifying them and then routing them to sales.” As a result, Safety Services increased MQLs by 200% in its first month of using ZoomInfo.
– David Carter, Vice President of Marketing at Safety Services.