Social Selling Training

We offer fully integrated social selling training programs to help you build demand and generate leads via social media platforms. Some of the training programs include the following:

How to Identify Qualified Business Prospects Using Lead Builder

  • Identifying Decision Makers & Influencers
  • Understanding Boolean Search
  • Using Sales Navigator and the Advanced Search function
  • Creating lists & maps of prospects and clients

How to Build a Heavyweight LinkedIn Profile

  • Calibrating your Settings
  • Key components of a best-practice LinkedIn profile
  • Using Profiles for Brand Building, Demand Generation, and Lead Generation

How to Create Hundreds of Social Connections with Customers & Prospects

  • The Business Power of First Degree Connections
  • Connecting with the 7 core types of professionals
  • Connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn
  • How to send a First Degree Connection Request
  • Invitation scripts

How to Generate Dozens of Qualified Leads & Appointments

  • Approaching 1st degree connections for meetings, using Direct Messages
  • Psychology
  • Script writing
  • Expected Results
  • Scheduling meetings and post-meeting actions to accelerate the sales cycle
  • Adding a prospect into your CRM

How to Use Content Marketing for Thought Leadership & Brand Building

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Using Content for Brand Building, Demand Generation, and Lead Generation
  • Content Strategy for Elsevier
  • Content Curation: How to source the best content efficiently
  • Content Editorialisation: How to create short insights for thought leadership
  • Content Sharing: The mechanics of posting status updates
  • Content Distribution: How to maximise audience engagement
  • Tracking & Measuring Performance (URL tracking/shortening service)