Intent Data Marketing Solutions

Zoom info and Linkedin Sales Navigator

Zoom info

Zoom info is a multiplatform operating system allowing businesses to find and connect with their ideal customer profiles. Salespeople, Marketers, and Recruiters utilise ZoomInfo SalesOS to optimize their lead generation efforts and get access to a vast business contact database and sales insights. Zoom info Collates data in the form of User selected firmographics, technographics and advanced company attributes by using Conversation intelligence, Sales Engagement and Data Orchestrating Features to target more accurately qualified prospects.

How does zoom info determine intent Data?

Zoominfos’ Intent engine triggers signals tracked from a network of 300,000 publisher domains and more than a trillion new keyword-to-device pairings — all sourced monthly from over 90% of accessible devices across the U.S. ZoomInfo’s Intent Data Tool lets the users team know when buyers are searching for solutions that the user is providing, the moment they start searching, utilizing keywords in relation to the intent. That way, it allows the user to capture surges in purchase intent with web activity from companies searching for the users business in real-time.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a Sales intelligence platform used as a professionally oriented networking tool that sales teams can use for prospecting and generating insights. This tool allows users to target the right buyers, understand key insights and engage with personalized outreach. Linkedin Sales Navigator aims to Target, Understand and Engage by Quickly identifying and learning about people and companies that are a likely fit for the users products/services, Tracking key developments at target accounts and indicators of buying intent, and providing features that enhance communication with prospects within a ready-to-do business environment.

How does linkedin Sales Navigator determine Intent Data?

Aside from company page visits, InMail acceptance rate, and ads engagement, Linkedin Sales navigator analyzes a plethora of other user behaviour on their platform to determine interest at an account.