eDM Campaign Brief Form

Technical Specifications and requirements:

Creative Specs: 400 to 600 pixel HTML File – 60K File Max(see Best Practice – HTML email design below)
Text Version: Text Version of creative, or a link to hosted web page where message appears (this is for
people who cannot open HTML emails)
Image Version: All images can be in gif, animated gif.
Campaign timings: iCumulus requires 3 working days from receiving the creative, as per the specs above, to
perform testing and data matching prior to the defined campaign request date/times.

    Campaign Details

    Fill in client name and details

    Name of the campaign

    Names of the database ie - FDS, GAS, Email Cash or Ripple Direct

    Date of when email is to be sent out

    Dates of when overall campaign is commencing - although if not relevant leave blank

    The time of day you want the email sent out

    3 days prior to broadcast date

    5 days prior to broadcast date

    Message Set-up

    Enter your clients details here is you do not want a generic from field

    This is the statement from the client in relation to why a member is receiving the email - you are receiving this as a result of joining the XXX marketing database

    Any specific requirements - default will be the Dream Member Management Portal

    Quick, catchy, call to action in order to enhance open rate.

    Not required - We adhere to Commonwealth Legislation - Privacy Act


    Already set up for “Dear – first name” however you may want something different such as “Dear – Mr/Ms – last name) if this is the case, please supply details of this in the box below


    Please have all tracking embedded in to HTML – if not please supply to us.

    The trafficking will be done by us, and you will receive the reports on the results of the campaign.


    Test and Seed list

    If you would like us to test the email to your company first, please supply email addresses below

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