Lead Generation

Lead generation is at the core of delivery model. We are experts in collecting a list of prospects who have opted-in to be contacted by each brand. With this information, we then pass these leads in real-time to each respective brand to make contact and successfully close the sale.

Why generate your leads with iCumulus?

Our lead generation services allows us to provide clients contact data of permissioned consumers delivered directly into your CRM for immediate contact or Lead Nurturing. We are lead generation experts with long standing relationships with Australia’s premium publishers giving us access to a broad range of online and mobile platforms.

We put in a lot of time to listen to you, plan and then build a strategy to find you the best leads for your brand or product. We love partnering with you and providing you with the information you need to source the lead, receive it and nurture it so it’s easy for you to convert. We want to make it as easy for you as possible, it’s what makes us tick!

Key benefits of online lead generation:

  • Recency – Delivered to clients “live” as prospects opt in we deliver these details via API-
  • Relevant – Each lead has opted in to specific client (spam compliant)
  • Lifetime prospect – Clients can prospect the leads for the life of the prospect (opt out)
  • Data quality – data validation services allows us to only accept(buy) validated data – email/ mobile phone
  • Volumes – Everyone is online and the internet and mobiles are always on!* (90% of Australians access the internet at least once per week)
  • Lead nurturing – Digital – email address are mandatory fields which enable us the ability to keep the lead engaged with your brand or product

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