Paid Social

Here at iCumulus, we believe that a paid social strategy and Social Selling Training are the cornerstones of successful digital and social media marketing in today’s environment.

Our overall paid social objectives include the following:

  • Integrated Strategy: LinkedIn and other key B2B social platforms.
  • Key Platforms: We use dynamic budget allocation amongst platforms to maximize performance and minimize cost:
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Quora
    • Facebook
  • CTR Maximisation: We run A/B Split Testing on all ads, to maximize click-throughs.
  • Performance Maximisation: When landing page conversions are tracked, we optimize social advertising to the best combinations of CTR and Conversion Rate.

To achieve these objectives, we also help you to get better Social Selling Training through:

  • Create a Social Page
  • Promote your Content
  • Measure and Optimise your Campaign Performance
  • Provide helpful Content Tips

Here are some of the Paid Social Tools in which we are experts:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content: Build your ideal audience to target the right professionals and build brand awareness, nurture relationships, and drive leads
  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: Build Brand Awareness by acquiring more followers for your LinkedIn Page and generating higher engagement and lead conversion rates with prospects.
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail: Send personalized messages and relevant content to targeted prospects and boost conversions.
  • Twitter for Business: Promote your posts to target the right audience, drive brand awareness, grow your Twitter follower base, and drive more downloads & conversions for your content.
  • Facebook Business: Run targeted campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger – at once, to over a billion people. Driving brand awareness, relationship nurturing, and lead generation with just a few clicks.

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