Account-Based Marketing

Mastering ABM: How 3 Marketing Teams Built Effective Strategies

Mastering ABM

The upsides of account-based marketing are no mystery to anyone running a B2B go-to-market team. However, the gap between developing an account-based marketing strategy and actually aligning teams to win over their target accounts isn’t always easy to bridge.

The difference-maker for modern GTM success is an ABM platform that combines high-performance tools with the most accurate, broadest data coverage and up-to-the-minute market insights.

ZoomInfo is proud to power the GTM engines of more than 35,000 of the world’s most innovative businesses. Here’s how three of those companies — MassPay, NetSPI, and CreditXpert — achieve ABM success.

1. Greater Sales and Marketing Alignment

Timing and relevance can make or break the effectiveness of your ABM strategy. If you don’t engage the right people, at the right time, and with the right content, you run the risk of minimizing your momentum.

This is where sales and marketing alignment can make a difference. By launching coordinated efforts that drive engagement with multiple buying committee members at a single account, your teams can dramatically increase the likelihood of conversion.

Global payments orchestration platform MassPay improved its timing and relevance by implementing Aircover by ZoomInfo Marketing to create a direct connection between their sales and marketing teams. The company’s sales team can now instantly request a targeted marketing campaign that will engage key contacts and additional buying committee members with timely, relevant messaging — no cumbersome meetings, no endless coordination. Just a fast lane from signals to actions.

“Rather than questioning who we are or why they’re seeing us, they are inquiring more about how we can help solve their business problems. For us, this checks a really big box, because it means everything we’re doing from the campaign side is directly reinforcing buying decisions that our prospects are making,” MassPay Chief Marketing Officer Chris Rechtsteiner says.

Implementing AirCover into their GTM motions has also led to longer-term benefits for MassPay: the increased engagement from prospects at key accounts is supporting their larger brand awareness efforts, building a voice in the market that can influence conversions down the road and building brand equity with future decision-makers.

2. Removing Friction From the Funnel

Compared with smaller, less strategic campaign approaches, ABM can seem expensive and time-consuming. Without proper prioritization, your business runs the risk of spending too much too quickly on accounts that may not even be interested in your product.

NetSPI, a leader in offensive security, delivers a comprehensive suite of penetration testing, attack surface management, and breach and attack simulation solutions to help organizations discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities.

They were looking for a marketing solution to drive greater alignment and create a more frictionless funnel from top to bottom. With ZoomInfo Marketing, NetSPI was able to effectively target audiences in just a few clicks, generating a 61% increase in opportunities in just one quarter.

“As we established trust with our sales team, we started to have more conversations around how we process leads, how we move prospects through the sales cycle, and how we send feedback to marketing regarding poor-fit accounts or accounts that need more nurture. We’re working together, versus marketing working for sales or sales working without marketing support,” says Maria Velasquez, director of demand generation.

NetSPI was also able to use the power of In-Market Scores to gain a clear view of where target accounts are in the marketing funnel, benefiting both sales and marketing. Intent data and website visitor data are combined into a funnel view, showing where each account is in the buying journey. This feature helped the team break down barriers between sales and marketing and scale an effective growth engine.

3. Using Automation to Drive Efficiency

If your team is lean — or you’re simply looking to be more efficient — accurate, actionable data is essential. Data helps with audience creation and segmentation as well as automation, and once you have the parameters for prospects in your ABM strategy, you can build a pipeline of similar best-fit accounts.

CreditXpert is a software provider that partners with top U.S. lenders, using predictive analytics to perform complex simulations for mortgage lenders. The company’s mission is to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for all.

Given its unique market position, CreditXpert was looking to enhance its marketing strategy and automatically identify the best-fit accounts to target. Investing in ZoomInfo Marketing and Sales helped facilitate closer collaboration between teams and engage high-value accounts.

“There’s immediate satisfaction when logging into ZoomInfo Marketing. I can see which companies we’re targeting with ads and then easily adjust our messaging to align with their pain points that sales is telling us about. We can proactively and strategically get ahead of prospects and then monitor whether or not it reignites a sales conversation,” says Chase Arvanitis, a director of performance marketing at CreditXpert.

CreditXpert has a small team, which means they need to be able to achieve fast results in a cost-effective way. The successful combination of both platforms makes it easier to stay in sync on priorities. Plus, the team can see the success of their efforts come to life in real time.

Start Scaling Your Own ABM Strategy Today

In a world where every interaction matters, adopting a personalized marketing strategy can be the difference between winning and losing the accounts that matter most for your business. Investing in a data-driven ABM platform fuels greater efficiency and clearer strategic alignment, allowing your GTM teams to stop stepping on each others’ toes and start targeting high-value accounts, automating repetitive tasks, and gaining deep insights into buyer behavior at scale.


This article was written by Zoominfo and originally published here.



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