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B2B Marketing: Four Ways To Stay Creative

We all know that business-to-business marketing can get old and boring quickly if you are doing the same old thing. One of the best ways to grow and stand out to your clients is to keep them on their toes with your marketing. Staying creative with your content will keep you from doing the industry standard and help you become a leader among your competition. Ideally, we all want our brands to be memorable and stand out from the rest. Here are a few tips for reinspiring and changing the content in B2B marketing.

1. Peel Back The Layers Of Your Brand

In B2B marketing, you tend to work with many clients who may have known your brand for years, but do they know your whole story? Creating content around where your company came from and how far you have come gives you a different creative avenue than just the typical product or service benefits. Refreshing old archived content can give them a look into your past and a way to connect more with your brand. Trends are typically cyclical, so look into your past to inspire your future.

2. Look To Other Industries

The best inspiration can come from unexpected sources. If you feel your content has stagnated, start looking at other industries; for example, start with a simple search of “top websites for 2022” or “blogs to watch this year,” and you could come up with a wealth of inspiration from all different industries. Always watch the technology and automotive companies, as I’ve found that they often pave the way for trends and new technology that you could use to expand your content.

3. Keep Up With Social Trends

Social media for B2B companies often leaves a lot to be desired. Decision makers and buying influencers likely have social media accounts, and this could be another way for you to get your brand in front of them. Social media trends are changing daily, so use the vast content resource to be inspired. You will likely not be able to keep up with the daily trends, but you can take inspiration from the trends and make them work for your brand and your content. You never know when a simple trend on TikTok could give you an idea about a new way to show your product or service.

4. Expand Your Skill Set

Often, companies add different capabilities to the technology and software that we use to create content. You can find new ways to enhance your content using the new capabilities. Don’t just click through the “what’s new” screen; look at the examples of the different content made with the new software version. Another strategy is to expand into another software you haven’t used before to amp up your creativity; if you are used to layout or illustration, expand into video or animation creation. Broadening your skills can open up your mind to the possibilities of what your content can do.

No one wants to hear “your content looks exactly like everyone else’s in your industry.” There are many different avenues you can take to boost your creativity and give your content new life, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries or even fail. Continue to test out different content types, copywriting techniques or approaches to digital marketing. As long as you can measure your content’s impact and engagement, you can make sound decisions about whether a new type of content works for your brand.


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