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It’s Time To Activate Your LinkedIn B2B Superpowers

There was once a time when LinkedIn was a wasteland of résumés and CVs that you’d never visit unless you were looking for a job. Not anymore. LinkedIn has become the social platform for B2B networking. My business profile on LinkedIn has more than 55,000 followers, so I’ve personally seen how powerful this platform is for B2B marketing. (I do not have any professional affiliation with LinkedIn, just to be clear.) If your business hasn’t yet activated its LinkedIn B2B superpowers, now’s the time. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to amplify your B2B marketing on LinkedIn and reap the benefits.

Organic Reach Is Still Hot On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social platform for business for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that you can still get powerful organic reach. Take the first and easiest step to activating your LinkedIn superpowers by posting content on LinkedIn. The more valuable the content, the more engagement you’ll get, and the further your content will go toward making connections for your business. Content is still a meritocracy on LinkedIn, so use it to your B2B marketing advantage.

Use Your LinkedIn For SEO

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for publishing because Google indexes LinkedIn pages for search purposes. I put all my blogs on LinkedIn rather than just stashing them on my website because they get better reach and engagement that way, plus they get indexed on Google so that when someone searches up a topic, my blog has a better shot of showing up in search results.

Make sure to share every blog or piece of content you publish on your website to LinkedIn as well. Every additional pop of SEO counts toward getting more potential customers on your site and working with your business.

Direct Messaging And Newsletters

Direct messaging on LinkedIn can be great, but don’t stop there. LinkedIn allows you to publish newsletters via direct message to all your followers. You can even build your own chat groups with other business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Create a newsletter that shares your knowledge, and then share it with your followers via direct message. Whereas a business owner might miss one of your posts, there’s no missing a direct message. That’s B2B marketing that can’t be ignored.

Live Streaming Gets Attention

Live streaming video isn’t just for gamers anymore, as I’ve written before. Live streaming is the hot new trend in B2B marketing, and LinkedIn has made it easy to hop on the bandwagon with the built-in LinkedIn Live feature.

Live streaming is great for B2B marketing because not only is it low-cost (you can easily do a live stream on your smartphone), but it feels like real human connection to your viewers. Don’t underestimate the reach of LinkedIn Lives. I’ve done some myself with 100,000 participants.

Host An Event On LinkedIn

Before the pandemic, virtual events had a hard time holding up against in-person affairs. Not anymore. This is a very good thing for businesses that want to reach potential clients all over the globe. The LinkedIn Events feature allows you to create events, send invites, take sign-ups and manage details all within the platform. Plus, virtual events are much more cost-effective, putting global conferences within reach for smaller businesses. What type of event could you host that would show off your services and provide value to participants?

Take It To The Polls

If there’s one thing people love to give, it’s their opinion. LinkedIn polls are a great way to drum up engagement all while doing market research to find out what’s really important to your customers.

What questions do you have about your product? What are the top questions new clients ask when you first meet them? Put your feelers out via LinkedIn polls and open the doors of interaction with your audience.

Comments Are Still King

Let’s not forget the age-old social media favorite: commenting. Even with all of LinkedIn’s many amazing features, directly commenting on posts creates that one-to-one communication that builds relationships. Commit to commenting on a certain number of posts each day, and watch your number of followers increase authentically.

LinkedIn Is A Powerful Tool For B2B Marketers

LinkedIn can do so much more than help you hire new employees. Engage in the activities I’ve listed above, and you’ll open the doors to new clients and build real, authentic B2B relationships in the process.


This article is written by Forbes and originally published here



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