5 tips to make your B2B email marketing campaign stand out

When it comes to growing your business, email marketing is arguably the most effective tool in a B2B marketer’s belt. If you can reach the right audience, an effective B2B marketing email will help you build brand awareness and develop a dialog with potential customers.

Here’s how to leverage your B2B email marketing strategy to stand out and grow your business:

An excellent way to kick your campaign into gear is to establish best practices at the beginning of the process. Here are some elements to keep in mind.

Email targeting

Look for opportunities to send tailored messages to specific groups of prospects who identify with your brand. If you know multiple contacts within a company, send them personalized content.

List building

Customers love a freebie, so consider offering a relevant trend report or white paper in exchange for their contact information. Add a pop up or form to your website for easy accessibility.

Frequency rates

How often you should message depends on how your audience responds to your communications. Send email campaigns when you have something of value to share. Just keep an eye on the open and click-through rates and tweak the timing if needed.

Content schedules

Strategically schedule your campaigns, whether that’s introducing a weekly webinar series or a monthly update. People like consistency, so avoid randomly bombarding their inbox. Of course, your approach will depend on your industry, the content you send, and how often.

2. Design compelling campaigns

Focus on the message, be concise, and consider the following.

The subject line and preheader

A short, snappy email subject line can quickly grab a reader’s attention and should provide enough value to entice them to open it. The preheader is the second thing they’ll see, so customize this preview to give them a brief inside look into the message.

The user experience

Cluttered, disorganized emails can make recipients feel overwhelmed, leading to increased abandonment. Use white space and arrange content so it’s easy to read, navigate, and absorb. Less is more. Text between 25 and 50 words is typically the optimal length.

On-brand visual content

Maintain interest by incorporating engaging animations, images, or videos to break up the content and create a more memorable experience. Adding emojis to your subject line or email copy where appropriate can encourage more engagement.

Make the format change to accommodate the device the reader is using. Whether that’s a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, ensure the recipient can read it with ease. Making it worthwhile for people on the move will likely boost your email retention rates.

CTA message optimization

A call to action is essential to entice recipients to chat with sales reps, visit a landing page, or become paying clients. They should be clearly visible, uniquely tailored towards targeted individuals, and show why the reader should click on them.

3. Test and measure performance

Access key metrics like open rates, bounce rates, or unsubscribes, so you can determine if you should change the layout or content within your email.

A/B testing will also determine which elements work best in terms of your ability to reach, resonate with, and convert recipients.

4. Automate to save time

Automating emails gives you more time to complete other tasks that you might otherwise put off.

If you’re using your email marketing platform’s sequencing function, you can set drip campaigns to be sent out over a period of weeks.

5. Only use validated email addresses

You can follow all the tips above to a tee, but if your lead list contains inaccurate email addresses, you’re wasting your time.

That’s where BizLeads can help!

American City Business Journals, a leading publisher of private company news and data, developed BizLeads to give sales and marketing teams a hassle-free tool to swiftly find their ideal prospects.

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Then, divide your subscribers into smaller, targeted groups so you can personalize messages based on laser-focused search criteria. Harness the benefits of validated emails to increase click-through rates and drive interest for your campaigns.


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