Data Management Platform: Content Creation & Other Applications

Data Management Platforms are generally thought of as a tool for bringing together large amounts of data from multiple 1st party and 3rd party sources into a single access point to improve advertising efforts and develop advertising campaigns.

However, there are other applications for DMP’s that can often be overlooked. The fact that DMP’s allow for a complex profile to be built up, leads to another possibility for brands to take advantage of: content creation.

By building up a picture of your user base, their interests and so forth, you can use this information to tailor content in order to reach and engage with as wide a user base as possible.

This can help to reduce the bounce rate from your homepage, and drill down on what appeals to your customers and making it a larger focus. By compiling a clearer picture of the interest verticals, you can use this as a catalyst for the ideas for everything from articles, videos, blogs, tutorials, email content and more.

Promotions can also be fine-tuned much more so that they appeal to your clients, to guarantee a much higher response rate to your marketing campaigns.

This information can influence the briefs that you supply to your designer and help you to give clearer guidelines on what your aims are, who your target audience is with much more certainty and a greater level of detail.
Use of a DMP to build up this profile for content creation will also help you to evolve as your business and your customers change.

inimbus-taxonomyiNimbus taxonomy allows for detailed profiles to be built with basic profile data e.g. Age, Gender, Location as well as interest categories like travel, finance, automotive, and then breaks it down even further with their intent level on their interest – e.g. planning to purchase a car in the next 0-3 months.

Analysis of this data will help to maximise your ROI through lead gen activity, but as outlined above, the applications are much more wide-reaching and it can help your success throughout your entire business by giving a clearer picture of your most valuable asset, your customers.


Mark Halstead

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