How To Get An Email Database In B2B Marketing

What if we told you that we know precisely why you’re here? No, it’s not because we wrote this piece and specifically named it, but because many of us had the same question you do.

Are emails still relevant in, where people have access to much more advanced social media platforms? Although it is natural to abandon one of the oldest lead generation chestnuts as technology advances, we must first understand the facts.

Hubspot reports that there are 4 billion daily email users. By 2025, this figure is expected to rise to 4.6 billion. No surprise, email marketing revenue is expected to reach nearly 11 billion dollars by the end of 2023.

Spoiler alert! no one in our gen-z workforce has ever frowned upon the mention of an email, so, yes! Emails are still very much relevant. In other words, if you don’t think emails are necessary for your B2B business, you should think again.
Importance Of B2B Email Marketing

Email is only as good as you make it. If you prefer, you can send out blanket advertising to all of your subscriber bases. However, marketing technology and automation have pushed the bar higher. People now expect visually appealing, targeted, and expertly curated emails that provides information and fosters relationships.

To begin with, when you start the consumers by offering value and service, you’re off to a good start. Thus, it is safe to say that email marketing allows businesses to reach out to prospective customers and clients who are a good fit for their services.

Additionally, email can also aid in connecting the various aspects of your business model to provide a seamless platform. Email, when used as an interactive element like this, has the potential to broaden your reach by attracting people who may have joined from one section of your digital platform into other channels.

Email, like your website, provides a consistent point of contact that can tell the entire story. This broadens your customer’s perspective, enabling them to interact with your brand and see all the ways you can help them.

And boom! now you have several options for marketing to them. However, because email gives you a fairly intimate level of access, you owe it to them to treat their mailboxes and attention with respect. These people not only signed up for your list, but they also open your emails and read the content.
Building An Email Database
Now that we understand how crucial emails are for B2B databases, we can apply the same logic to email databases. And, without a doubt, building a verified and detailed email database is an expensive, difficult, and time-consuming task, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here are three methods for creating an email list:

1.    Online Platforms: Quora

The online question-and-answer service Quora has spent the past couple of years gathering insights and data that could eventually fill those gaps. What’s fascinating is the amount of traffic the site receives every day. You can use that traffic to channelise people towards your website or gather their email addresses.

Look for questions in which you can provide value. The more questions you reply to on Quora, the more likely you are to reach out to potential leads.

After you’ve actually answered, make sure to follow up with a smart CTA. It could be as simple as asking them to subscribe to your newsletter where you give out insights or a link to your website or social media platforms.

You can easily obtain their emails this way. The key is to provide valuable insights in your responses while only putting your products, lead magnets, and resources when appropriate.

2.    Partnership: Brand Collabs

Participating in brand partnerships is one of the best ways to gather B2B leads and grow your email list. And what other means of collaboration are ideal than setting up a webinar.

A webinar should be promoted by two brands rather than just one. By collaborating on the content and sharing the lead list, both firms will be motivated to promote it and create a successful campaign. This is an easy way to both market your brand and gather email addresses at the same time using the sign-up form for the webinar.

3.    Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation is an ultimate goal for any business because it helps businesses grow and earn more money. To complete this task, you must first understand the channels that your potential clients prefer and hit the right buttons.

So, if you’re planning an email campaign and looking for “How To Get An Email Database,” or “how to find someone’s email address” or even “ best email finder tools”, is your one-stop shop. is the best lead prospecting engine and an email finder tool that will quickly help you find your B2B contacts and their email addresses. Having the largest MSMEs database in India, it is trusted by major corporations such as Audi India, HDFC Bank, KODO, Tata Capital, and many others.

You can use to find the email addresses you’re looking for by using our smart filters. Here are two ways we can help you:

1.    Building Email Database:

The use cases to find real-time, verified and comprehensive data are limitless. You can get started on building your email database using the following steps:

➢    You can get started by simply looking up by name, or by a LinkedIn profile URL.
This will give the verified email addresses of that prospect. Make use of some smart filters to streamline your search if needed and there you’ll have your B2B contact data.

➢    Or, if you’re a B2B startup and don’t know how to get a list of top startup investors, we’re your one-stop shop. Make use of our geolocators to find investors and clients with relevant data like email addresses, demographics, rbi returns, and much more for a particular geographic location!

➢    You can find someone’s email address by their company name and the prospect name using our bulk search feature as well. With just these two things about a person, we provide you with more than 20 pieces of information about your prospect.

2.    Enriching Email Database 

➢    Building a B2B database is not just it, we are also a data enrichment tool. Our advanced bulk search tool assists you in enriching your current B2B database by removing obsolete contact information.

➢    All you have to do is upload your database on our platform, and our advanced artificial intelligence will tally your data with ours, eliminate dead leads, and update the contact information of people who have migrated to a new phone number or email address. And there you have the verified work email address of your prospect.

We assist you in building your email list like no other. All of the data provided is real-time, verified, and comprehensive, awesome right?


If you want to keep your audience’s attention, you’ll have to pull your socks up and make sure your team has the database they need to carry out your plan.

Use online platforms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to launch brand collaborations that will bring in new customers.

You must spend time and effort discovering and comprehending the channels used by your target audience, and then spend even more time and effort utilizing those channels as possibilities to generate leads, schedule product demonstrations, and close deals.


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