iCumulus launches iNimbus, an Australian first, real time, permission-based data management platform

-iNimbus provides greater depth of consumer information for better targeting-

-Partnership agreements signed with both demand and buying side companies-

10th September, 2014

Digital direct response experts iCumulus today launched a first in market real time data management platform (DMP) that allows for far more sophisticated, permission-based programmatic buying.

Called iNimbus, the DMP is unique in the Australian market because it offers permission-based consumer information via cookies; is user activated; provides more than 50 interest verticals such as investing and international travel and; for the first time for programmatic buying, all this information is provided in real time.

iNimbus feeds data into the programmatic ecosystem via Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). This data is cookie matched with permissioned fields of information, such as consumer profiles, interest in products and services and purchase intent from visitors to websites. Visitors agree at the ‘opt in’ stage to allow this information to be associated with a browser cookie. Users experience more relevant browsing as the data can be used to customise content as well as advertising.

Profile information collected includes demographic information, location, interest in key advertiser categories and purchase intention. Publishers who contribute data to iNimbus provide full disclosure to website visitors and no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected or supplied during the process.

iCumulus Managing Director Mark Halstead said: “With deep experience in data marketing and working with Australia’s leading digital publishers, iNimbus was developed to help power programmatic display advertising with the best data set in market, offering advertisers data to utilise within any aspect of their digital targeting.

“iNimbus is unique because to date all consumer information is currently presumed – for example, if you visit a travel website, it’s presumed that you’re interested in travelling. iNimbus offers relevant, opt in, real time consumer information for programmatic buying to deliver better results for advertisers.”

iCumulus has partnership agreements to use iNimbus on the demand side with Turn and DoubleClick Bid Manager by Google, and soon to join are MediaMath and On the buying side, Cadreon and Amnet are using iNimbus and iCumulus is in final discussions with the other major trading desks.

Cadreon Audience and Analytics Manager James Wood said: “We at Cadreon recognise the importance of data to help us achieve results for our clients. We are currently testing the iCumulus data sets and we can see the consumer interest plus intent data as high value to our clients’ businesses.”

iCumulus also has partnerships with a range of websites to collect the consumer information including lifestyle surveys, post transactional placements and free wifi websites.

Each consumer has opted in to receive offers from third party advertisers based on the profile information they have provided to each website publisher using the iNimbus DMP.

“The higher the relevance of these consumer offers, the greater the response rate the advertiser experiences. The data we offer provides up to three levels of user targeting: demographics, interest and intent, which are commercially available to advertisers to use within their programmatic buying campaigns. Data is then fed to each trading platform in real time for retargeting,” Halstead said.

iNimbus is the latest innovation from iCumulus, which also offers a full suite of digital direct response services including iCirrus (real time media trading desk), lead generation, email marketing, mobile marketing, digital asset monetisation, creative development and data validation.


About iCumulus
iCumulus is an independently owned Australian company and specialists in digital direct response. The company was formed to fill a gap in the market following the success with a number of clients for lead generation campaigns. iCumulus was established by Mark Halstead, a senior media executive with 20 years experience and a pioneer of digital media. iCumulus offers a full suite of services for clients focused on the generation of consumer responses. These multi-channel campaigns are focused on digital media via its trading desk.

For further information please contact:

Rochelle Burbury
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Mark Halstead
Managing Director
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Mark Halstead

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