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Infographic: Five insights from the 2020 chief marketer B2B marketing outlook

B2B marketers are using email, search and content marketing to find leads with the highest ROI, according to the 2020 Chief Marketer B2B Marketing Outlook Survey. But the biggest challenges to generating new leads include engaging targeted prospects (57 percent) and finding those that convert (48 percent).

Techniques for nurturing those leads include email, at 64 percent, and content marketing, at 59 percent, but in-person meetings are also a top strategy for lead nurturing, according to 56 percent of respondents. Email is the top channel for B2B marketers, but click-through rates (53 percent), open rates (42 percent) and list fatigue (36 percent) present the biggest challenges.

Content that’s most effective for moving prospects through the sales funnel, according to survey respondents, is articles and blog posts (55 percent), reviews and customer testimonials (43 percent) and whitepapers (38 percent).

The survey also showed that the top social media channel by far for generating leads is LinkedIn, at 84 percent, followed by Facebook at 43 percent and Twitter and YouTube, tied at 25 percent. Instagram rounds out the social platforms used for marketing at 16 percent. The top challenges to social media marketing are engagement, measuring social ROI and having enough content.

Customer experience is a top priority for 80 percent of B2B marketers surveyed. However, challenges to creating a great experience for customers and prospects include budget, organizational support and silos, resources, personalization and engagement.

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