The Evolution of Data Management Platforms

As many brands realise the full potential and opportunities data presents to drive responses to digital campaigns. The selection of the optimum technology is a mine field, and you’re not alone if you feel your knowledge is at 101 level. Read the interview with iCumulus MD Mark Halstead and others within this free report commissioned by Oracle and run by ExchangeWire Research

The Evolution of Data Management Platforms
ExchangeWire Research & Oracle Marketing Cloudevolution-data-management-platforms-tnA Data Management Platform (DMP) is a piece of technology that ingests data from multiple sources, creates meaningful segments of data such as audience segments, and then facilitates the activation of those segments through media buying channels. DMPs can be used by both media buyers and media sellers, although the use case varies accordingly. As a relatively recent addition to the marketing technology stable, DMPs are sometimes misunderstood and seen as a panacea to all data challenges or hero solutions to automate all media training.


Mark Halstead

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