audience-based B2B marketing plan

7 steps to creating an audience-based B2B marketing plan

Boost marketing-driven revenue with granular audience segmentation. Use this 7-step framework for targeting the right prospects. If you’re still taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing campaigns, blasting the same …

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Business Process Automation

How Business Process Automation Can Empower Companies

Learn from real-world examples and discover actionable steps for implementing BPA(business process automation) effectively. Darren Waddell, EVP of Innervate, stresses the collaboration of human creativity with BPA for efficiency, cost …

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B2B buyers pre-deal

3 ways to engage B2B buyers pre-deal

Get on B2B buyers’ radars earlier through relevant content experiences, customer stories and strategic event participation. Most B2B deals are won or lost before sales teams even know they exist. …

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